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Prince Edward Island Lobster




Prince Edward Island is one of the four marine-time provinces in eastern Canada. PEI has a reddish brown and fertile soil because of a large amount of iron oxide in the soil, which offers favorable conditions for agriculture. The zigzag coast of this island finds a lot of ports. There are many bathing beaches on the north coast. The unique red soil makes PEI famous in the world for its high-quality potatoes and its coastal waters for lobsters especially. Therefore, PEI is known as the world’s “Lobster Capital" ranking with New Brunswick province.

The PEI lobster, which is known as "the king of lobster ", is an animal of aquatic economic value. It boasts high nutrition, high protein, low fat, trace elements and rich vitamins needed by human body. It is said that seafood is healthy food, lobster in particular. The dietary value of the lobster is expressed in the protein of the lobster meat, containing more tropomyosin and paramyosin.

In addition, the PEI lobster’s shell contains more iron and turns deeper-red in cooking than the other kinds of lobster.